Usually one of these steps includes turning to God or something like that. I guess Sage “quit” religion and got clean, but finds himself going back to it like an addict. There are a few special instances though that are worth mentioning that would warrant further work-up.

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As a result of feeling low, you may isolate, either physically or by not being present or connected with the recovery community. But no one is perfect, and a sign that you have grown and learned in recovery is that you are willing to admit when you need help again because you want to stay sober. You should also know that there are plenty of people who do not stay sober the first time around, so you are not alone!

Should I Go Back To Rehab After A Drug Or Alcohol Relapse?

Simply defined, relapse is the return to a previous situation regarding drug or alcohol use. Regardless of how long someone’s been sober, a return to substance use is a relapse. After disregarding emotional and mental going back to rehab relapse symptoms, physical relapse becomes likely. Usually, physical relapse occurs in a window of opportunity for drug or alcohol use². Luckily, there are plenty of other options for treatment when a relapse occurs.

Although this may be an alarming statistic, it can serve as a reminder that relapse is a normal part of the recovery process. Reducing relapse to a moral failure does a disservice to yourself and your recovery community. Relapse can be complex, and it is imperative to view your first treatment cycle as the beginning of your journey with addiction.

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I mean for Christ’s sake , Sage says “God’s a bitch” in A Healthy Distrust. In Interdisciplinary Studies with Behavioral/Social Sciences and Art concentrations along with a Journalism minor from the University of Central Florida. Emily spent five years capturing many magical memories for people from all over the World as a photographer at Walt Disney World. Dedicated to creativity and conciseness, Emily hopes her words can be of service to those affected by addiction.

Sometimes, a person may relapse back to one of these stages, as they struggle to maintain their recovery. To better understand this concept, we’ll compare drug addiction lapse and relapse to a person trying to lose weight and maintain the weight loss. Eating a single piece of pizza, for instance, would be considered a lapse.